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Weddings & Baptisms



Do you remember what happened when you started a new job or joined a club?  Perhaps you did something special to mark the occasion.

Being baptised is in some ways like a special welcome our church, but it’s much more than this. When water is poured on the head, it shows that the person being baptised has become a member of the Christian Church.

If you are interested in a baptism service, for yourself or your child we’d love to help.  Please contact our Vicar, Sally. She would love to chat with you about the who, what, why, where, when and how of a baptism at Holy Trinity.


When a child is baptised, parents and godparents make promises for them but once old enough, they can decide for themselves to live as a Christian.

In the Church of England, there is no set age for confirmation,but traditionally people are confirmed in their early teens.  However, anyone who is old enough and has received appropriate preparation can be confirmed.

If you are interested in a confirmation service, for yourself or your child we’d love to help, please contact our Vicar, Sally, she would love to chat with you about the who, what, why, where, when and how of confirmation at Holy Trinity.

Holy Trinity Church

Weddings & Renewal of Vows

We love having wedding, renewal of vows and blessing services at Holy Trinity Church.

It’s possible to renew your wedding vows any time after your wedding day, regardless of whether you had a church wedding or not. It’s a bit like a marriage refresher and is often used on special anniversaries.  The Church of England ceremony is called ‘Thanksgiving for marriage’.

If you are interested in any of these services, it would be our pleasure to help. Please contact our Vicar, Sally, who would love to chat with you about the who, what, why, why, when and how of these arrangements at Holy Trinity.

Funerals, Memorial Services & Burial of Ashes

If someone you love has died, Sally would be honoured to take the funeral for you either at Holy Trinity Church or at the cemetery/crematorium.

We are also happy to hold a memorial/thanksgiving service for your loved one. Please contact Sally to chat about arrangements.

Holy Trinity Church is open every day for you to come, sit and enjoy the peace and quiet. We are also here to be someone to listen. If you would like someone to talk to please contact Sally.

Sadly, our churchyard is now closed for burials, but we have an area for interring ashes, which is kept for residents of the Parish.

The Churchyard at Holy Trinity Church
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